April 1, 2022, the whole city of Shanghai went into complete lockdown, following its Zero-COVID strategy under a new wave of Omicron. More than half a month through it, the lockdown is still not lifted, and there is no confirmation of any date of re-opening. Ordinary life is abruptly paused, food is hard to source, and the situation is getting more and more hopeless for all the residents of the city. 

This little interactive experience was made inside my apartment during the lockdown. The scene in Zero-LIFE is built based on the real staircase in my apartment building, using 3D scan. 

This is a looped snippet of my personal life. There is no Winning or Losing, or Points or Ending in the game. It's a simple pure experience of an ordinary person's life, and a snapshot of the struggles of the life in 2022 inside a Zero-COVID country. 

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